45 and proud – Why getting older is a blessing

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2018 has been a funny old year. As many of you will know my lovely Dad had a huge stroke just about a year ago now. He is still with us but just hanging onto life really.



It swings a lot of things into perspective. He’s 92. And whilst we are devastated we have had him for many years and he has been well for most of those years. So I feel blessed to be honest.

At the same this week saw the passing of a beautiful soul a similar age to myself. A woman who brightened up so many people’s lives with her enthusiasm, compassion and creativity.

Next week would also have seen the birthday of another lovely friend who died 7 years ago and left a huge hole in so many people’s lives.

So turning 45 for me last week was not a sad occasion or one to be bemoaned. On the contrary. I feel blessed to see my 45th Birthday. I welcome it with open arms and hope that I’ll be lucky enough to celebrate my 46th Birthday.

I am developing some rather marvellous wrinkles and a hooded eyelid (see todays’ sketch below) but I’m thrilled to bit to be honest. I hope I make it to a great saggy old age.

My 45 Year Old Eye – drawn today – wrinkles and all


So my message today is embrace another year older, do not fear 30 or 40 or 50 or what ever “milestone” birthday may be approaching. Get well and truly into it and enjoy every moment!



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