Ask your Dad, not your Mum!

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Picture the scene. You’re in the shower, or perhaps on a work call. Maybe you’re doing several things at once – cooking tea, answering the door and doing an online shop all at the same time. You know – normal Mum stuff.

Just when you think your brain is unable to accommodate any more information you hear a little voice “Muuuum”. Now of course this voice is a priority and other tasks will usually stop to investigate and respond to the needs of said small person.

And of course it’s likely to be a serious issue that needs immediate resolution. Like emergency craft intervention (lids off glue etc), attainment of snack or social input “you must invite this friend round for a play date. You need to text their Mum. Now”

So, within reason, you respond to the tiny despot and their needs. Who needs a shower anyway?

And this is all well and good – this is what you signed up for isn’t it? Yes. And you love it? Yes of course you do.

Then you spy Dad. Now this might just be our house but usually when I spy Dad he is doing one of 3 things:

  1. Admiring self in the mirror (especially during the morning routine or bath time routine).
  2. Looking at the Guardian website on his phone
  3. On stand by. I’m not sure what this is but usually involves a minimal level of awareness of stuff that needs doing but no actual initiation or offers of help. A weird half ready limbo state.

Now this sounds like I’m being mean to Dad. I’m not. He’s an excellent Dad – he gets stuck in, has us all in tears laughing most days and loves his kids to bits.

He does not, however, intervene when I’m being pursued by children with issues that he could readily, or more easily, deal with. He will, for example, happily let them pull me out of the shower to take the lid off a pen while he is preening for example.

So I felt I needed to do something. And being an artist I have created something. Something that I am wearing and pointing to on a daily basis. In fact tomorrow I might wear a dozen of them all over my sweater. Something that I hope will make my point. Something that will alert the children to the second parent in their lives who is just as capable as Mum at responding to their needs.

And something that I imagine a fair few of you need too.

It’s my “Ask your Dad” Pin Badge. It’s only £7 over on the website and there’s free postage and packing at the moment too!

Buy one for you and one for your friends (for birthdays or Mother’s Day or just because) and wear them with pride. Point calmly to the badge at times of need. And that is all you have to do.

You are very most welcome!

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