5 ways to combat variable moods

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5 ways to combat variable moods

Variable moods – we’re all susceptible. One minute you’re happily milling along and the next your blood is boiling. Perhaps it’s the monthly cycle rocks your boat or maybe the menopause? Anxiety/depression or that popular combo of both could be to blame?

It’s fair to say I’ve tussled with all the above apart from the menopause one at some time so I’ve come to have a little tool kit to help me through. Is it working? You’d have to ask close family to comment on that one!

I’ve also created a little pin badge to help us through more turbulent times. I thought we could do with an early warning system. Something to let others know that the water is a little choppy right now. Much is the same vein as TV star and host of Loose Women Andrea McLean talked about last week when she suggested a little pin badge with an “M” on it so that fellow commuters would understand when she needed to open the window on the bus in then middle of Winter!

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So here’s my 5 ways to combat variable moods and yes, it includes a cheeky plug (forgive me!).

  1. Get active! Exercising is proven to fight depression and variable moods. Even when energy levels are low get out of the house for a walk. You won’t feel like it as your energy levels might be low but you’ll benefit from those endorphins when you’re done. If you need some inspiration check out the amazing Jake Tyler on Twitter @blackdogwalks1 he’s such an inspiration.

2. Take it easy on yourself – it’s easy to give yourself a hard time when you’re feeling down or swingy. Check out the facts with yourself – are you really ding such a bad job? Are you really a bad Mum/parent? Write them down and challenge them – it’s likely to be your inner critic giving you a hard time with no facts involved at all. Be a friend to yourself and tell it like it really is.

3. Do something you enjoy – When you’re busy with the kids and work it’s easy to forget what YOU like doing and often this falls by the wayside. I love a swim and I love a mooch around H&M but I rarely do these things! Is there any wonder my mood is variable?! I’ll make a pact with you – you do something you enjoy this week and I’ll do the same. Check in on the Facebook page and let me know what you’ve done.

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4. See a friend – you might feel as though you don’t want or need company but seeing someone you love is likely to give you a nice pick me up and again you’ll feel pleased with yourself to get out of the house. Choose friends wisely.

5. Buy a “Variable” pin badge from Helena Tyce Designs! 

Not scientifically proven to lift mood but a damn good try at reducing the stigma around variable moods & mental health issues. It’s hard to actually say these things and it’s a lot easier to wear a pin. Use it as your early warning system to friends and family that things may not be on an even keel at the moment. And the more of us that wear them the more we start break down the stigma because 1 in 4 of us will actually suffer from some kind of mental health issue this year (Mind, 2017)


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I’m offering 20% off my Variable Pin badged until the end of March – just use code “variable” at checkout to get your discount.

Wishing you a week of equilibrium and happy 🙂

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