5 of the Best Mother’s Day Breakfasts

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5 of the Best Mother’s Day Breakfasts

Ok Mums, it’s your big day on Sunday. Time to make the most of that lie in and get looked after! Best of all you might even get breakfast in bed.

We love a good breakfast here in the Schnorbert household so here’s a run down of our top 5.

  1. Buttermilk pancakes with bacon and maple syrup 

These bad boys are top of my list! Yummy fluffy pancakes, sweet syrup and salty, crispy bacon – heaven!

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2. Welsh rarebit  

Molten cheese and crispy toast with a dash of mustard? What’s not to like there? Add a splash of ale to the mixture to add a bit of nuttiness and maybe a sausage and that, my friend, it a breakfast fit for a king. As I can’t find a free photo of Welsh Rarebit here’s a rabbit instead. Awwww.

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3. Jamie Oliver’s Granola Dust

Oh. My. Life. I just love this stuff. A mixture of oats, nuts, seeds, dried fruit and cacao powder . This stuff isn’t like traditional granola as it’s blitzed to a lumpy dust. It makes it perfect to have with yogurt and compote, amazing heated with milk to make a decadent porridge and awesome mixed with egg and milk for pancakes. Best of all it’s really, really good for you but feels baaaaad!

4. Eggs

Any eggs. A simple, delicious fried egg on nutty, toasted granary. A bit of Benedict with it’s sharp and creamy sauce. A humble boiled egg and soldiers (with Marmite of course). What ever your leaning or budget there’s an egg brekkie in there for you.

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5.Cranberry & Cinnamon Swirl Buns

Another Jamie recipe here – these fluffy little buns have a little kick of orange too. Made partly with spelt (wholemeal) you can almost convince yourself of health benefits. An easier option, especially for little bakers, are the Jus Ross Cinnamon Whirls which you buy in a can. And the wee ones can pretty much do these themselves. My two feel most proud when they present these to us!

So there you have it – 5 breakfast ideas for Mother’s Day. Print out, highlight your favourite and leave it somewhere prominent for the kids to see…

What’s your favourite Mother’s Day Breakfast?

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