3 Ways to Make your Teacher’s Chops Smile

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3 Ways to Make your Teacher’s Chops Smile

I feel like I’m surrounded by wonderful teachers at my kids’ school. Dedicated, kind, nurturing, encouraging and patient. They work tirelessly, day after day, rarely have any time off sick and find the energy for extra ciricular activities like sports and residential trips (60 vomiting children on a bus to Castleton anyone?!) Amazing.


They each have their own unique ways of inspiring the children with their own unique methods of teaching. Although I don’t think we have a Mr Cap in our midst just yet. If you need to pop a smile on your chops please click this link to see one of our favourites from Class Dismissed (CBBC) in action performing his Wordsworth Rap!



The teachers are hurtling towards the summer at a rate of knots. And if it’s ramping up for us parents (the mountain of school admin in our kitchen is out of order at the moment!) what’s it like for those guys?!


But fear not – with only a matter of weeks to go we can all see light at the end of the tunnel. We just need to dutifully bring in our last few bags of toilet rolls and cereal boxes and look forward to receiving the resultant dragons, robots and forts that will proudly be thrust upon us on the last day.


And the teachers will hopefully be congratulating themselves on another year of  passing on knowledge and gently popping everyone back on the right course when they veer!


So how can we say thank you and make your teacher’s chops smile? Well wine always works well in my experience as does a massive collection for vouchers so they can buy something deservedly lovely. Or (segues seamlessly to sales banter) you could reward with a wee HTD gift or card…


“What have you got?” I hear you cry!! Well, as you’ve asked I will tell thee! (deep breath)


For under a fiver you can grab one of our lovely thank you cards, a coaster or one of our brand new eco-notebooks which teacher will find super practical! We can even personalise it with teacher’s name.


                  Teacher card thank you card for teacher     

For under a tenner you can grab a teacher mug or how about growing together and buying teacher their very own bespoke peggy bottle opener as a keepsake. I’ll even paint a little message on it and pop the class on too.




So there you have it – all sorted and one less thing to think about. Order now on the website and get free shipping by entering “freeshipping” at the checkout! Then reward yourself for having checked “teacher gift” off the list by watching the rather wonderful Michael Rosen performing “Strict” – my most favourite bit of writing about teachers!


Good luck with the next few weeks and remember – do what Michael Rosen would do and snatch a quick breath when no ones’ looking!

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