Our ethical gifts are made in Nottingham. One of our key values at Helena Tyce is “do no harm”. This refers to other people and creatures as well as the planet. We know thankfully the days of fast fashion and poor conditions are limited and we are working hard to support this.

This means operating in an ethical and sustainable way which we’re proud to say we were doing long before it because fashionable.

But what exactly are we doing?

Ethical gifts Nottingham

We only source from within the UK

Sourcing our raw materials from within the UK means that:

• We can be sure that workers are being paid fairly and are not being exploited or put in danger

• We reduce our carbon footprint by not flying or shipping materials or goods in.

• We support the local and UK economy

• We can easily track provenence and find product information


We go green and sustainable where ever possible

• We do not over package and use “naked” packaging where ever we can to reduce waste.

• We avoid using single use plastic where ever we can and use biodegradable bags where ever we can.

• Our paper stock is from sustainable, FSC certified sources which use chlorine free, renewable wood pulp.

And our manufacturers…

• Our coasters are made in Lincolnshire from a sustainably sourced Eucalyptus board base.

Our eco- notebooks are made in Scotland from recycled paper and board.

• Our textiles are organic, carbon neutral and sourced from within the UK.

So what ever you buy from us you can be confident that we are doing our very best to make sure that no harm is being done to the planet or to people or creatures through what we do.

Heirlooms not throw-aways

We’re also not keen on fast gifting of any kind. Everything we create is made to last in terms of both quality and style.

We want you to gift something to keep, not chuck. Our gifts are timeless and sometimes iconic so can be handed down to the next generation and not put in landfill.

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