Shop closure and work life balance

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Shop closure and work life balance

2020 hey? Who could have possibly predicted it’s outcome? Thankfully it feels like we’re on some kind of road to recovery with shops opening and kids going back to school.

But there is also a good deal of reflection going on. And there is the need to adapt in light of new ways of living and the residual issues that COVID has presented us with.

A peaceful holiday in Wales that brought me a little epiphany. Like many of us my work/life balance has been out of kilter for some time now. Everything is done at high speed – dashing to the shop and studio, dashing home, never feeling like there is time to pause. Until we do pause and suddenly everything makes sense.

I realised that carrying on as I am wasn’t an option. Sometimes you have to admit that you cannot do it all, even if you desperately want to.

Where now?

Which is a tricky junction, particularly coming after my best year ever in the business. Where do I go from here? One option was to scale up and build on last year’s successes. Make the shop at Sneinton look amazing, have regular opening hours and be present for all of the amazing Indie Markets that are happening regularly now.

But that could never work right now. I started the business to be there for my kids, to have flexibility and to be there at the end of the school day and at weekends.

And they win every time, hands down. Particularly at a time like now.

So I made the decision to shut the shop at Sneinton and move the business home. And while I’ll be sad to go and will miss the wonderful community down here it’s the right thing to do.

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This might seem like madness at such a time in the business and partucularly when Sneinton Market seems on the brink of massiveness! But this is part of my reasoning – the shop needs someone who can really make the most of it. And if I could commit long hours and lots of love that person would have been me.

What’s next?

So what’s the score? What changes should you expect to see? Well, unless you’re a regular visitor to the bricks and mortar shop you shouldn’t see any changes at all! Here’s a run down:

  1. The online shop/Not on the High Street will operate in exactly the same way but with more time for lovely new creations! Watch this space!
  2. I’ll continue to supply my lovely stockists including Cherrydidi and The Bookcase in Lowdham. These guys need us now more than ever so do utilise them. You can usually order online if you can’t get to the shop.
  3. The newsletter will continue.
  4. I’ll be developing the illustration side of my business – more of this excitement to come!
  5. I’ll be there for my kids at a time when they need me most and shop closure will have a positive impact on my work/life balance.

It’s a win win. More time, less guilt = happy Mummy!

What changes have you been making as a result of COVID? I’d love to hear x