Captain Tom Moore – our hero!

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Where there are challenges there are opportunities. Particularly if you’re Captain Tom Moore – the Nation’s hero!

Right now were in the middle of the biggest peace time challenge our country has ever faced. And it’s a tricky road to negotiate. But one amazing man has shown us what determination and grit can achieve and has captured the hearts of the nation.

Not only that at the time of writing Captain Tom has raised over 23 million pounds for the NHS. He’s 99 years old.

So I thought it fitting to immortalise Captain Tom in peggy form. I’ll be popping this special gift in the post today in a hope that Royal Mail will get it to him for his 100th Birthday next week.

If Captain Tom feels that he can help in some way surely there is something we can all be doing. This is not a time to “not feel like it” or expect that someone else will be doing it. It’s a time to dig deep and pour as much back in as we can muster – what ever that might be.

For my part I’m sewing scrubs as part of the Nottingham Scrub Hub. Oh, and immortalising legends in peggy form.