What to do during lockdown? Art!

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Here at Helena Tyce we’re on a mission to find things to do during lockdown. And we really think that Art is one way to do this.

Virtual Art Club

So six weeks ago I started “Tyce’s Virtual Art Club” over on Facebook. The aim being to provide some distraction and manage anxiety. But mainly to give some art-related structure to the kids week when the announcement came that schools were closing.

I’m not alone with the likes of Grayson Perry and Noel Fielding also hosting art clubs to get us through.

It’s a free club and it’s suitable for all ages – I wanted to make sure that everyone who wanted to be could be involved. we all need extra things to do during lockdown.

Every week I post a project and do a live demo on an art technique. We talk a bit of art history to see how the technique has been used by past masters and at the end of all this I’m hosting an exhibition at my tiny gallery in Sneinton Market.

Helena Tyce Designs studio, nottingham
Helena tyce design studio Nottingham

Winning artists

Every week we have 2 winners – a little person and a bigger person – these kids will get the chance to exhibit their work! And to celebrate the end of lockdown there’ll be a little launch party!

~~We have had som incredible pieces of art like this version of a Billie Eilish album cover.

This fabulous teaching fairy

And this gorgeous, Matisse-esque “out my window” painting. All by kids – amazing!

The true highlight so far has been the brilliant keyworker poster that we’ve created as a group. Everyone was charged with creating a drawing of a keyworker who they wanted to say thank you to. We had everyone from doctors and nurses through to delivery drivers and vets. A truly amazing effort!

Thank you keyworkers poster
Thank you keyworkers poster

So far our poster has been featured in the Nottingham Evening Post, BBC Radio Nottingham and is set to feature in a new e-book!

What a wonderful opportunity for kids to be published as artists – what a way to build their confidence around drawing skills.

What to do during lockdown? Art!

One of the big things about the group is that you don’t need to be able to draw. The process of creating stuff is relaxing and distracting. There is no pressure and everyone is lovely and supportive.

I’ll carry the group on until the schools go back in a bid to help parents and kids through the pandemic. And who knows – I might contimue the club after all this is over. After all, art is very, very good for you.

Tyce’s Virtual Art Club can be found over on Facebook and happens every Wednesday at 1pm until the schools go back.

Virtual art club during Covid19
Virtual art club during Covid19