– Beautiful art handmade by Helena –

From my studio in the Creative Quarter of Nottingham I hand make beautiful gifts to inspire and empower kids from 1 to 92 years old. It’s a family affair with my husband creating the poems you see on the products and my two children and Maisie-the-Dog providing inspiration (and doggy kisses!)

If you notice our products make you feel emotion then we’re thrilled about that. We do everything straight from the heart, hoping to inspire and bring clearer meaning to the joys and challenges in life and adding reassurance that we are all treasured (who ever we are). 

Everything you see on the website is created by me and has been hand drawn, painted, printed and collaged to bring you beautiful, heart felt pieces that make perfect gifts.

I hope you love having a browse through the pages and feel inspired and empowered too!

Gifts - Nottingham - Helena Tyce Designs

– Be kind every day –

We believe in giving back at every opportunity and doing no harm whether that’s to the planet or to other people. 

Staying well is also top of the agenda for us and we think that putting your mind and body wellness first is something you should do every day.

We are offering a free download of our Wellness Print which you can print out and pop on the fridge as a reminder to be kind to yourself. And we have a range of stay well art to further inspire you here!

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- Why my new website means so much to me -

Today is a very exciting day. Today the new website is launched! "What's all the fuss about - its just a new website" I hear you cry! Well, it's like this. This year has seen me having a little bit of an epiphany (see previous blog post "The Real Reason I Do This". I've finally nailed why I do what I do. And the website is the final piece of the jigsaw. Image courtesy of Sara Hazeldene Photography What I'm hoping is that when you log on now you'll be able to see that first and foremost I'm and artist and illustrator. I don't buy the stuff in or sell other people's work. As my lovely Dad used to tease...